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Whatever its origin, the idea must be worked into a pattern or template which will form the basis of the new work.

In this example I am going to show how a splendid photograph of my cat Crispin (now sadly passed away) is transformed into a stained glass panel.

From my photo of Crispin I make a drawing, and then consider how to break it down into a workable pattern, ensuring there will be no 'impossible' angles for cutting the stained glass.

Crispin liked to assist during this process by sitting on the tools, scattering the pattern pieces and making the odd helpful comment….

Once I'm happy with the pattern sketch I trace it onto frosted Mylar, a robust plastic sheet material which works very well as a pattern template.
Each section of the pattern is numbered, both on the cartoon and on the Mylar, so each piece will be easily identifiable when I start to assemble the work.
Then the Mylar is cut into the individual pattern pieces, using special pattern shears designed for leaded panels, which allow for the space taken up by the heart of the lead strips that will line each piece.
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