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What kinds of commission can I do?

I can translate most photographs, pictures and even customers' sketches into workable stained glass panel patterns. I can also suggest designs for specific needs - special occasions, locations within a home, etc.

The main considerations in making a successful custom piece are:

(a) is this design suitable for the medium of stained glass? - is it colorful and striking;

(b) are the shapes practical for glass work? - we need to bear in mind that glass is very difficult to cut into complex shapes, and the lead came will only bend so far!

The best stained glass art, in my own view, is relatively simple, and makes its impact through the interplay of light and color, rather than from complicated lines and artwork.

How much will a commission cost?

The price of each piece is carefully and methodically calculated, taking into account the size and complexity of the design, and the type of glass to be used (some art glass is very expensive). The only extras will be the costs of Shipping and Packaging.

What are Shipping Costs?

Our shipping charge includes both shipping and insurance. We pass on these costs direct from the shipper, without any mark-up. Shipping costs vary hugely depending on size and weight, and can range from $30 upwards.

We normally ship via UPS or FedEx Ground, insured.

NOTE : The shipping costs quoted are for USA mainland only (excluding Alaska).

If you would like a quote for a different shipping method or for a location other than USA mainland, please Email me at Fran@stainedglassbyfran.com

What are Packaging Costs?

These include the construction of the wooden crate, plus packaging and materials, and are generally fixed at $50. Stained glass art is of course both heavy and EXTREMELY delicate, therefore careful packing and shipping is a must. If you agree to return the crate to us, we will reduce your Packaging cost.

How do I pay for my commission?

Payment is in two installments: a deposit of 50% of the panel price payable before I start work, and the other 50%, plus the Shipping & Handling cost, once you have received the piece.

Our preferred methods of payment are PayPal or personal check.

Once you have received my quotation for a commissioned piece, and you wish to go ahead, please click the "PayPal Click Here To Pay" button below to make your deposit payment.


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