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How It's Made
Now the panel is ready to start assembling. The template copy is laid out on the assembly board, the border zinc or lead is cut to size and laid in place.
Lead came on the left, used inside the panel, and zinc came on the right, used for the borders because of its rigidity and light weight.
The first glass shape is fitted into place and adjusted, and piece by piece the panel begins to grow. Lead came is bent and trimmed to shape between the pieces of glass, which fit snugly within its flanges.


At this stage, the panel is held firmly in place with horseshoe nails and tape. Regular checks are made to ensure the panel is staying square and true.

Sometimes a piece will not fit as snugly as it should. The piece is marked with pen where it needs adjusting, and the grinder is used again to fine-tune the shape.

Nearly done!
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