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The next stage is to decide what glass to use. This is of course a crucial step. I have assembled a collection of sheets over time, and keep most of the cut-off scraps, so there's a good chance I may already have the right pieces of glass in stock. If not, I check the various glass manufacturers' catalogues and order the glass I need - or pay a visit to my local stained glass retailer.
Most stained glass contains colour and pattern variations within each sheet, since much of it is hand made. My light box is very useful for choosing both the colour and the specific area within each sheet which will best work for each part of the pattern.
The light box is great for comparing and contrasting different pieces of glass.

Once I've selected all the glass, the pattern is transferred to the glass - either using the light box to trace on the shape (if the glass is translucent), or affixing the Mylar pattern pieces to opaque pieces of glass.

Here are some pieces of glass with the pattern traced on, ready for cutting.
Now each piece of stained glass is painstakingly scored and broken out by hand. Great care is needed not to crack the glass, particularly when breaking out curves and angles, and especially if the pattern piece is narrow or hourglass shaped. By the way, internal right angles are impossible to cut!
Some deep angles are best taken out on the electric grinding wheel, rather than risking breakage with the cutting tool.
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