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How To Display

Stained glass artwork is beautiful and effective in any location where light can pass through it from behind towards the viewer, which is why it is so commonly seen in doors and windows. In daylight the colors and contrasts will alter as the day progresses. In addition, pieces containing iridescent glass will take on yet another effect after dark, as they will shimmer and glisten under the lights.

Stained glass panel work can also be displayed in many other ways: in fireplace screens, in room dividers, in ceiling panels, as hanging artwork in windows or against walls, and even as house numbers and signs. Stained glass logos can be made for businesses (many bars and restaurants incorporate this idea into their décor). Properly glazed stained glass can be used outdoors without fear of deterioration, so it can be incorporated into all kinds of garden décor.

In fact, we are only limited by our imagination!


Tulip and Iris Victorian Tulips, Bottles and Amber Geode




Glass in home in San Francisco


Abstract 1, Frank Lloyd Wright and Pelican




Big selection of glass



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